We all deal with difficult, unexpected challenges in our lives, Divorce is one of them for many of us, but difficult relationships, job loss, illness, depression, death of a loved one and countless other trials can rob you of the JOY you’re meant to have in your life! Are you ready to take the next step to live your life on purpose despite the unexpected challenges in your life? Do you want to be empowered to find peace now and build an amazing future?  


Is your heart saying not to waste any more time trying to figure things out on your own because time is more valuable than money and your life is worth the investment? This program is perfect for you! 


In this LIFE CHANGING six month program, I will TEACH YOU how to manage your mind around the Difficult Challenges you’re facing and give you tools and support to help you Heal, enjoy Peace and Happiness in your life now and help you Create the beautiful Life you desire.

I will work directly with you each week in a private coaching session. We will cover specific topics such as Victim Mentality, Accepting & Embracing your New Normal, Processing pain, Buffering, Self love, Independent Decision Making, Boundaries, Resentment, and Forgiveness over the course of six months. You will be able to participate in 2 Group Coaching Calls per month where I will teach a concept and do live coaching.


The best investment you will ever make is in YOU! Invest in yourself because there is only one YOU and you only have ONE life to live. Make it the best life POSSIBLE even when you’re dealing with the challenges of divorce.  If you are ready to finally make lasting change, then one-on-one coaching is the way to get started. I will help you go from where you are and bridge the gap to where you want to be!

Did you know that self confidence, self trust, self connection all affect every aspect of your life. I know that when you strengthen your relationship with YOU, that everything in your life will get better! I know because it changed my life.

1:1 coaching empowers you with the tools to think, feel and create in a way that will unlock a whole new way of living. Join me! I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you! You can pick from 10 sessions, 24 sessions spread out over 6 months or 48 sessions spread out over a year. Weekly or Bi-Weekly gets the best results. You will also have access to my Private Facebook Community for 24/7 community support.

Have questions about what program is right for you?